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Family Tree Arboriculture

FamilyTree Arboriculture of Penticton, BC, was established November 2011 by ITA Dylan Neilson-Schenk and provides top-quality services to customers by responding to their individual needs and objectives. We adhere to industry wide, best management practices and utilize the latest in scientific research. That combined with 11 years of industry experience ensures we provide the best objective-results based information. Our clients are educated and informed about showing the best course of action through which their trees and shrubs will be maintained.

Our goal is customer satisfaction and we feel that customers are best satisfied when their landscape assets are maintained to the utmost standards of care. We are also capable removal specialists. Being able to dismantle large trees in tight spots is what sets us apart from the legion of people out there who also know how to ‘cut trees,’ but aren’t aware of the art and science behind what makes Arborists Specialists in the world of trades. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with new clients to meet their objectives and allow us to show our professional best!