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Dylan Neilson-Schenk working hard in the community

FamilyTree Arboriculture - Rooted in our Community

Just as an individual tree requires all the layers of a forest in order to grow and reach its potential, so too does our arboricultural company. We feel that the best way for us to grow is not only by providing high quality service to our valued customers, but also by giving back to the community which sustains us. We are proud to have both sponsored and initiated community programs which we feel are beneficial to our little ‘forest,’ as well as volunteer both our time and services to worthy local causes. This, we feel, is like a young tree anchoring and expanding its root system in order to reach for the sky and grow to its potential.

FamilyTree Arboriculture provides high quality tree services to people in the South Okanagan, but we feel that, like a tree, we need to give back to the community which allows us to grow. To that end, we have participated in several projects and donated our services, money, and time to local non-profits and charities. We have even established a community garden off of Kinney Avenue, by working with a Not-For Profit organization which Dylan helped found, The Food Forester’s of Canada ( We have also volunteered and advised Parkway Elementary School with their recently established classroom garden, and it is through actions like these that we seek to demonstrate our commitment to our community.

Our aim through our charitable initiatives and community outreach is to help to create a better place in our corner of the world in which to live, work, and play.

Recent Projects

FamilyTree Arboriculture has sponsored Parkway Elementary School’s recent garden program, which allows the students of Parkway the opportunity to engage with their environment to grow edible plants, and learn basic gardening techniques. We also consulted with the teacher who spearheaded the initiative and volunteered our time to help turn the lawn into a wonderful little garden!

We donated a full day of tree work to the Boys and Girls Club this year to remove a couple of hazard trees which leaned towards their property. (the pics of the leaning poplars in which I am wearing the green sleeved hoody is this job)

We also have taken a leadership role in installing a community garden at 2460 Baskin St, in Penticton. Since 2012, we have spent hundreds of man hours tilling, weeding, planting, maintaining and working on this garden and it is really starting to come to life. The long term design is based upon a food forest concept, but we have created little plots for membership to fill as they choose. We have used wood chips from our tree pruning and removal projects to build the soil, and planted about 8 fruit trees and a bunch of smaller shrubs and perrenials to fill the space. FamilyTree sponsored the installation of a deer fence in order to protect the plants from our resident ungulates. Come and check it out!

Volunteer Partnerships

Dylan is the Vice President of the Food Forester’s of Canada society, as well as the Social Director of JCI Penticton. He enjoys the opportunity to give back to the community which both of these organizations provide.

​Upcoming Projects

National Tree Day September 21, 2016

In past years, Family Tree has donated trees, time, and energy into projects on National Tree Day. This year, we will be removing a dead birch tree at Parkway Elementary School at no charge to the school district. We are hoping to plant a new tree on the school property to replace the birch.